Which do you want more? The Chocolate or the Popcorn?

Just like the age old question of which came first the chicken or the egg, I wonder do people want the Chocolate or the Popcorn more? There are several Chocolate shops and they make chocolate of all shapes and sizes. We make popcorn of all flavors, but we both make Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn.

You need an outstanding popcorn as the canvas for your chocolate, but the problem is the Chocolate companies use less than standard popcorn to place their “one of a kind, uniquely blended specialty chocolate” on. So in other words a beautiful dress is placed on an ugly woman. Why waste the dress? Just find a better looking woman, right?

So in conclusion don’t buy chocolate drizzled popcorn from a chocolate shop if you want the dress and the woman to be beautiful. I like my popcorn crunchy and my chocolate smooth and creamy. If you are buying Chocolate Popcorn, buy it from Kernel Encore, we use the best Popcorn and the best Chocolate for the popcorn so we can firmly state that we ARE the foremost authority on which you want more, the chocolate AND the POPCORN!


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