It’s that time of year again…. the store is full of Leprecons making their favorite popcorn, Leprecorn. With its sweet vanilla goodness, it is perfect for any occasion. If we can keep them distracted I might be able to find their gold. I will let you know if I do. Order yours now and enjoy a Little Luck of the Irish.


Make A Party Presentation Pop With Popcorn By The Bag

Want a great idea to get your next party poppin’? Kernel Encore popcorn portion bags and bulk containers are the way to go. With over 300 fabulous flavors of gourmet popcorn made-to-order for you, you’ll have the freshest favors around.

Everyone loves popcorn, but when we create our custom-flavored treats, we use the best kernels and then combine them with amazing flavors. You can pick popcorn bags or bulk containers for your next event that match the colors of your theme. We can even make them sparkle too, a perfect choice for using at kids’ birthday parties, weddings or even bridal or baby showers.

Gone are the days of simple popcorn choices. Kernel Encore has elevated the selection beyond ordinary into extraordinary, not just in color selection to create an eye-popping showcase for your party, but in flavor too. Just about anything you can dream up, we can pop up just for you.

Our daily flavors are the most popular, with choices you might expect like caramel or cheddar cheese. But with over 300 flavors to choose from, why not pick multiple packs that satisfy your cravings or to match your party theme? Hot Wings, Orange Creamsicle, Boston Cream Pie, and our ultimate party-please W.T.F (What’s That Flavor?!) are just a few of the tastes you can select.

Popcorn By The Bag From Kernel Encore

300 flavors of popcorn by the bag from Kernel Encore give you an amazing amount of options!

With so many choices though, it can be hard to make a decision. We recommend ordering different sizes to appease your guests. Our handy search allows you to customize your order by size, color, and flavors to pick the perfect gourmet popcorn for you.

You can order a bunch of different flavors and set up a popcorn station at your event for everyone to enjoy, or you can order matching small bags of popcorn, perfect for party favors that your guests can take home and enjoy. Want an even better idea? Do both! Then everyone can take home the wonderful tastes of Kernel Encore popcorn without trying to stuff their bags full of it at your popcorn bar.

And if you’re stuck for a gift for someone that is a true popcorn junkie, you can order one of our unique gourmet flavors for them as a gift, delivered straight to their door. This way, you won’t run the risk of eating half of it before you give it to them. Make sure you order your favorite flavor for yourself too!

What’s wrong? Can’t decide on a favorite? That’s our problem too. We love them all! But if you’re just discovering the heavenly selection at Kernel Encore, you can order our ¾-bag sizes to get a 1-serving taste of the flavors you’re curious about. For the ones you can’t live without, order them again in one of our big bulk sizes so you never run out!

With summer as the biggest time of year for parties of every kind, take the stress out of planning and pop up your party with Kernel Encore’s popcorn bags!

10 Best Specialty Popcorn Flavors For Birthday Parties

RoundHappyBirthdayOur Children’s Birthday parties are a special time to celebrate and spend time with family and friends, but more importantly our Children’s friends. From location to theme it is all planned out. However one of the most Important items is the Goodie Bag. A goody bag is a bag containing candy, small toys, or other gifts given to party-goers or attendees of an event.  Yes, parents the Goodie Bag at Birthday parties is a big deal, they are a far cry from what we used to get as kids. An easy way to give a great Goodie Bag is to let the kids make it themselves. Host a Gourmet Popcorn Bar and as your guests leave let them fill their own bags to take home as a thank you for attending. Two cups of popcorn per person is a nice amount to plan for – a little less for smaller children.

Here are 10 perfect gourmet popcorn flavors for any Birthday Party…

Birthday Cake – Is it possible to blend up an entire birthday cake, sprinkles and all, no candles of course and put it on popcorn? Yep! Go ahead and make a wish. All you need now is party hats, to serve in not to wear. Add Strawberry Parfait or Neapolitan to complete the party.

ConfettiTallConfetti – Confetti popcorn is a delicious rainbow mix of ten fruit flavors: BananaBlueberryBlue Raspberry, CherryGrapeGreen AppleLemonOrangeStrawberry and Watermelon. Every bite is a taste adventure for your mouth. Pick out you favorites, blend them together, and make new combinations. Perfect for an individual treat or for the whole class. With so many flavors, you can’t go wrong.

White Cheddar – White Cheddar popcorn is so creamy and rich you will find it mixes well with just about anything. Vanilla and White Cheddar is one of my favorites. You’ll never need an excuse to indulge in White Cheddar, though you will make excuses all the time. After school, after work, afternoon, whenever.

Cotton Candy – Sweet, crispy, and light. Cotton Candy is quite a delight. Perfect for parties and celebrations, and new babies alike.

UnderSeaSparkleSpecial Fruity Mix – So you are having a Superman party, mix Cherry and Blueberry. My daughter wants an Under The Sea Mermaid party, mix Green Apple, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry, oh and she must have it Sparkle, no problem. With so many colors and flavors we can always match your theme.

Pink Sparkle Sugar Corn – Pink Sparkle Sugar Corn (or Blue Sparkle Sugar Corn) is sweet, light and crispy with just a touch of glittery Sparkle. Perfect for making a statement at a party.

Marshmallow Crisp – Marshmallow Crisp was the Snack of The Day on Rachel Ray. This one is yummy to the last bite. Sweet, light, and crispy just like a Rice Crispy Square. Perfect for school parties when you want to be the mom or dad that does things a little different.

Cheddar Cheese – This Cheddar Cheese popcorn is so cheesy you will enjoy it a second time around as you get all the cheese off your fingers. We use only the finest REAL cheese and melt it down to smother our popcorn with a generous blanket of cheesy goodness. Our Cheddar is crispy, smooth and has a rich taste. Cheddar Cheese popcorn matches well with Caramel and my personal favorite Peanut Butter.

Theater Style – Just like a trip to the movies, without leaving your house. Buttery, crispy, and salty. Perfect for snacking on any time, even if there is no movie being watched. Microwave popcorn does not stand a chance against this perfectly popped snack.

Pizza – America’s most popular food flavored on a single kernel of perfectly, popped perfection. Say that 3 times fast, or just order yours today and say that with a mouthful of Popcorn. I betcha can’t.

Design your Gourmet Popcorn Bar with the theme of your party. Princess parties might be all pink, white and sparkly. Superhero parties might be all primary colors. If Pokémon is the theme red, yellow and black.   I have even done a Minecraft party that was green and browns. Popcorn is a perfect way to say thanks for coming. Place your bags, (or other small take home popcorn holder) out by the bar and as you party guests leave tell them (or their parents) to be sure to take home a Sweet Treat for coming. Then Bam you’re done. Now all you have to do is clean up from the party. Whew…

10 Best Summertime Gourmet Popcorn Treats

Any time of year is the perfect time for popcorn, and at Kernel Encore they have a flavor for every season. Pool parties, trips to the beach, and long car trips are the perfect place to have summer time popcorn treats.

Here is a list of the 10 best summer gourmet popcorn sensations…

KeyLime_PieKey Lime Pie – Sweet, tart, light, crispy, and dusted with graham for that one of a kind taste. Sent to you straight from Florida, where the Key Lime is king. One taste and you will be seeing beaches with palm trees and an empty hammock with your name on it.


hawaiiandelightHawaiian Delight -This is a tropical island getaway, popcorn style. Pineapple and Coconut together will make you wonder where you put that grass skirt. Light, crispy, and sweet. Perfect in every way. Great for parties, a must have for a                                                              Luau, or a mid-week pick me up.


lemon_cream_pieLemon Cream Pie – Light, crispy, and sweet. A summertime must. Tangy Lemon mixed with creamy French Vanilla. This is sure to be a treat that no can resist.



a_day_at_the_beachA Day At The BeachAmaretto, Coconut, and Orange. This sweet and tropical corncoction will be sure to put you in an island state of mind.



watermelonWatermelon – Watermelon popcorn is a delicious combination of the sweetest watermelon candy and the most amazing popcorn. Sweet and crispy. You will be wanting more with every bite.


pink-grapefruitPink Grapefruit – Sweet, light, crispy and refreshing. Pink Grapefruit Gourmet Popcorn has just enough tart to make this a very pleasant tropical flavor.


peach-cobblerPeach Cobbler – This one smells as sweet and tastes as good as the fresh Peach Cobbler my grandmother used to make. Light, crispy and absolutely delicious. A summer treat any time of year.


blackberryBlackberry – Sweet like Blackberry Jam. Makes me want toast every time I smell it, but since it is crunchy all I need is the popcorn – Craving solved.



peaches_and_creamPeaches & Cream – A southern delight. Light crispy sweet smelling peach mixed with creamy French Vanilla.



strawberry-shortcakeStrawberry Shortcake – Sweet, light and crispy strawberry perfection. Nothing is better than strawberry shortcake on a summer afternoon.



What a great way to have your treats and eat them too. Easy to pack and take anywhere you summer vacation plans take you. Air popped popcorn perfections that make calming those snack cravings a delightful distraction. Happy summer snacking.

10 Must Have Gourmet Popcorn Flavors For Your Wedding




Wedding Cake – A must have for any Wedding Bar. Sweet, crispy and completely white. Not only beautiful, but tastes amazing too! Pair with Champagne & Strawberries and Milk Chocolate Drizzle for an elegant look.

Champagne Sparkle– Champagne Sparkle is Elegant in every way. It is sweet, light, and crispy. It has been featured in STAR Magazine. Serve in champagne flutes at your celebration and your guests will be speechless.

Hot Wings & Ranch – This is two types of popcorn mixed together. The orange is Hot Wings and the white is Ranch. The Ranch is light and crispy with that great ranch tanginess, the Hot Wings is a cheese popcorn so it is a little heavier. The Hot Wings has that great mouthwatering Hot Wings taste, imagine eating wings without the mess. Spicy flavor without the heat.

Jalapeno Kettle Corn– Our delicious Kettle Corn does not get much better until you add Jalapeno and then it gets Amazing. Sweet, hot, crispy and gone! Always a favorite, There is only one right way to get that crispy sugar shell on Kettle Corn and we do it the right way, and with a Jalapeno kicker, it is crazy good.

White Cheddar– Our White Cheddar popcorn is so creamy and rich you will find it mixes well with just about anything. This is air popped popcorn and it is dipped in the most wonderful creamy white cheddar on the planet. At any celebration it is always good to have salty selections, because sometimes we just get sweeted out. White Cheddar is the answer to that.

Baby White Salted– Every party has those guests that think Popcorn only comes one way, so for those special guest this is the one for them. Tiny, crispy, white, light, and fluffy salted popcorn. Perfectly Popped Goodness in every bite.

Original Kettle Corn–   Our Original Kettle Corn is cooked in a big outdoor kettle, we have found that it is the only way to get that authentic popcorn taste. We use perfectly round popcorn kernels that are about the size of a nickel or larger. It has a light sugar glaze all over and then it is kissed with salt, making a truly perfect treat. It is sweet, crispy, salty and buttery.

Peppermint Sparkle– I like to end my dinner with a perfect peppermint treat. This White Chocolate dipped popcorn kissed with delicate peppermint and edible glitter is the perfect way to say good night to a magical evening. Beautiful to look at and impossible to resist.

Caramel Sparkle– Add that Sparkle to your event with this beautiful, perfectly popped perfection in one little bite. This is our own special recipe Caramel with a little Bling. Everyone likes to see you dressed up for the party and that is just what Caramel has done. This one will keep your guests talking about it for a while.

Milk Chocolate Drizzle – We start with Butter & Salt popcorn and then take the most incredible, silky Milk Chocolate and drizzle it on top of the Butter & Salt popcorn. We do this by hand to make sure it is perfect in every way. Every Kernel is drizzled with Milk Chocolate giving this popcorn its beauty and deliciousness. To complement add Dark Chocolate Drizzle and White Chocolate Drizzle. That is a threesome that everyone will want to be apart of.

Planning a Wedding can be the exciting and over whelming at the same time. Kernel Encore makes your celebrations a snap to plan with their Gourmet Popcorn Bars that serve 80 to 120 guests. When picking flavors, mix it up. Make sure to add sweet with salty, and the more colorful the better. Elegant affairs can have popcorn too. Order the Sparkle flavors and the guests will be blown away. Birthdays, school parties, retirement parties, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, we can make any celebration POP!

Talk Spicy To Me… 15 Top Spicy Gourmet Popcorn Flavors



Buffalo Bleu Wings – The Buffalo Bleu Wings popcorn is tangy and spicy. All the goodness of the real thing on one kernel of popcorn. What could be better? Imagine tangy wings smothered in a blanket of Bleu Cheese that is what you will get with this gourmet Buffalo Bleu Wings Popcorn.

Mager Rager – Some Like it Hot! This popcorn has habanero and chili peppers to make it HOT. If you are daring enough this might be the one for you. With this flavor a little goes a long way.

Cajun – This Cajun popcorn fell right out of the Louisiana Bayou. Hot and Spicy with a smell that will tickle your taste buds as well as your nose. There is no Scoville scale rating for heat just a blend of flavors that will make your cheeks blush. This one will definitely turn the spice up in your life.

Firecracker – Perfect for the 4th of July when Fireworks are exactly what you want. This is what you need to complement those hamburgers and hot dogs. The sweetness goes a long way with this one when it comes to turning up the heat.

Hot & Spicy – Make a place on your party table for Hot & Spicy. If cheese is not your thing but spicy is, this is the flavor for you. It is light, and crispy and will leave you with a little burn and a great taste. Perfect alone or add some spicy friends such as, Hot & Zesty, Jalapeno, Southwest Chipotle, or Cajun. With these flavors together, all you need are a few guests and you have a Party.

Hot & Zesty – A unique Cheddar Cheese blend full of zestyness and heat. Perfect for snacking, or bring to party, just be sure to bring enough for everyone because when this popcorn is around, it tends to be the center of attention.

Hot Wings & Ranch – This is two types of popcorn mixed together. The orange is Hot Wings and the white is Ranch. The Ranch is light and crispy with that great ranch tanginess, the Hot Wings is a cheese popcorn so it is a little heavier. The Hot Wings has that great mouthwatering Hot Wings taste, imagine eating wings without the mess. Spicy flavor without the heat.

Coconut Thai Curry – Sweet like coconut but spicy like a perfect Thai Curry. This ones makes that need you have for sweet and spicy very happy.

Jalapeno – One of my favorites. Crispy, light, and a little hot. Tastes just like a jalapeno. So good. The smell is intoxicating if you like a little heat. You mouth will water when you open the bag. If a little heat is your thing you will love Jalapeno Gourmet Popcorn as much as I do. If you like your heat with some sweet Jalapeno Kettle Corn would be the one for you.

Pepperpot– Peter Piper picked a peck of popped Pepperpot. If Peter Piper picked the Pepperpot that was not popped did Peter Piper really pick the right Pepperpot? I hope Peter likes it hot!

Wasabi– Flavorful heat. Most like this one creamy, but I like it crunchy.

Spicy Caramel– Special recipe Caramel with a kick. The good kind that gets you right in the back of the throat. Light, crispy, sweet and spicy. All my favorites. Perfect for game time, or just snack time. Spicy Caramel will be a Touchdown, Homerun, and GOAL in your play book.

Southwest Chipotle– Smokey, and Hot. All the aromas that make you feel like you’re out west. Light, crispy, and just the one to make the outlaw in all of us sweat just a little bit.

Power Cheese– Cheesy, spicy yumminess. Just enough heat to make you want to keep eating, but not enough heat that you could not share with the kids.

Red Hot Cinnamon– Tongue tingling red hot cinnamon. Crazy Hot, but crazy good.

Popcorn can be anything, it can be sweet, salty, spicy, or chocolatey. Sometimes you just want it Spicy and with 15 spicy Gourmet Popcorn flavors to choose from the decision might be a hard one, but if you pick any one of these you will be a happy snacker.

Custom Colored Gourmet Popcorn?



Yes, you can have custom colored gourmet popcorn. Do you need Pink for a new baby girl, Blue for a boy? Is your company logo Green and Purple? Whatever the reason and whatever the color, Kernel Encore can make the popcorn for you.

Custom Colored Popcorn, is a perfect way to show off your company colors, school colors, or your favorite football teams colors. How about a wedding with a Blush Pink popcorn, or Blood red for Halloween. The flavor on the Custom Colored Popcorn is Old Fashioned Sugar Corn, which is just sweet with no particular flavor. That way everyone will like it.

You can also choose from Custom Colored salted popcorn. The color is a lighter than on the sugar corn, but it still comes across as colored popcorn. Perfect to sell at the high school football game in school colors.

There are many reasons to have a specific color, but whatever your reason is Kernel Encore has got you colored, whoops I meant covered.


The 10 Most Unusual Specialty Popcorn Flavors You’ve Never Heard Of



As far as snacks go, I Love Popcorn! I have tried lots of popcorn and I am always on the lookout for the most unique flavors. If I want something funky or sweet and salty I need to have my snacking needs covered. After being snackisfied I thought I would share my favorites with you.


House – They say this one is a secret, but I can tell you that I do not care what it is because it was Amazing! Sweet, salty, and creamy, all my favorite things.

Mager Rager – Some Like it Hot! This popcorn has habanero and chili peppers to make it HOT. If you are daring enough this might be the one for you. With this flavor a little goes a long way. You might also like Cajun, Jalapeno Kettle, and Power Cheese.

A Day At The Beach – Light, crispy, sweet mix of Amaretto, Coconut and Orange. I loved this one before I even tied it.

Wedding Cake – Perfect for Popcorn Bars at a wedding. It is light, crispy and tastes just like a wedding Cake. I found this one a great way to cheat, without having to buy a whole cake for myself. All the satisfaction and none of the guilt.

Dill Pickle – This one is one of my favorites. It is light, crispy and pleasantly puckering. The use of the real Dill herbs that you can see on the popcorn let you know that is the Real Dill.

Champagne & Strawberry Sparkle – Light, crispy and sweet mix of Strawberry and Champagne. This one is not only delicious but it is also beautiful to look at. At Kernel Encore they dust this sweet popcorn with an edible glitter to make it sparkle. Perfect for any party and a great way to put a little sparkle in your own day.

Hot Wings & Ranch – This is two types of popcorn mixed together. The orange is Hot Wings and the white is Ranch. The Ranch is light and crispy with that great ranch tanginess, the Hot Wings is a cheese popcorn so it is a little heavier. The Hot Wings has that great mouthwatering Hot Wings taste and smell with the little heat makes this a perfect combination.

Coconut Thai Curry – Sweet like coconut but spicy like a perfect Thai Curry. This ones makes that need you have for sweet and spicy very happy.

Key Lime Pie – Sweet, tangy lime dusted with graham make this popcorn a must have for any snacking occasion. I liked the light and crispy texture of this one, it was not dense and heavy. This is one I could go for anytime.

B.L.T – Air pooped salty, smoky Bacon with a tomato sweetness at the end. This one is so much easier than making a B.L.T. This one makes me want a big bowl and snugly blanket, a comfy couch and a good movie.

Popcorn has to be my all-time favorite treat. I can have any flavor I want. I love getting the sampler because I get 8 or 12 2-cup bags, and that keeps me snacking happy for a couple weeks. I can have Milk Chocolate Drizzle one day and Peanut Butter and Grape the next. They also sell popcorn in 1, 2, 3, and 15 gallons bags, if you just totally fall in love with just one flavor. Kernel Encore has more flavors than any popcorn store I have tried. They do about 300. That is almost enough to have a different one every day of the year. Yummy!

So in my opinion if you love popcorn and have not tried Kernel Encore, you must do this for yourself, you will thank yourself later.

Here is a list of their flavors. List

Get Snackisfied!

How Much Popcorn Is Enough For My Party?

Randall Popcorn


I have found this to be one of the most common questions I am asked. So lets break it down…

If you are having a Gourmet Popcorn Bar for your wedding or party, we generally say average enough for each person to have 2 cups of popcorn. I know that does not sound like a lot, because we all manage to eat the whole bag of Theater Style before the movie previews are done, but you must consider if you will be serving other foods. If you are serving other foods, a little goes a long way, especially if you are using it for a Thank you at the end of the night. Send your guests home Happy with a few munchies for the road.

Generally speaking 2 cups per person per event.


You Hop and We will Pop


Confetti Popcorn is perfect for this time of year. Instead of filling those Easter Baskets with candy use popcorn.

It is all Air-Popped and healthier than all the other choices out there. Perfect flavor picks are Marshmallow, Marshmallow Crisp, Coconut, Milk Chocolate Drizzle, White Cheddar, and Caramel.

What a perfect way to fill those baskets. I am not saying to avoid the occasional PEEP, that would just be crazy talk. Order you special additions for the baskets and start Hoppin, we will do the Poppin.