Talk Spicy To Me… 15 Top Spicy Gourmet Popcorn Flavors



Buffalo Bleu Wings – The Buffalo Bleu Wings popcorn is tangy and spicy. All the goodness of the real thing on one kernel of popcorn. What could be better? Imagine tangy wings smothered in a blanket of Bleu Cheese that is what you will get with this gourmet Buffalo Bleu Wings Popcorn.

Mager Rager – Some Like it Hot! This popcorn has habanero and chili peppers to make it HOT. If you are daring enough this might be the one for you. With this flavor a little goes a long way.

Cajun – This Cajun popcorn fell right out of the Louisiana Bayou. Hot and Spicy with a smell that will tickle your taste buds as well as your nose. There is no Scoville scale rating for heat just a blend of flavors that will make your cheeks blush. This one will definitely turn the spice up in your life.

Firecracker – Perfect for the 4th of July when Fireworks are exactly what you want. This is what you need to complement those hamburgers and hot dogs. The sweetness goes a long way with this one when it comes to turning up the heat.

Hot & Spicy – Make a place on your party table for Hot & Spicy. If cheese is not your thing but spicy is, this is the flavor for you. It is light, and crispy and will leave you with a little burn and a great taste. Perfect alone or add some spicy friends such as, Hot & Zesty, Jalapeno, Southwest Chipotle, or Cajun. With these flavors together, all you need are a few guests and you have a Party.

Hot & Zesty – A unique Cheddar Cheese blend full of zestyness and heat. Perfect for snacking, or bring to party, just be sure to bring enough for everyone because when this popcorn is around, it tends to be the center of attention.

Hot Wings & Ranch – This is two types of popcorn mixed together. The orange is Hot Wings and the white is Ranch. The Ranch is light and crispy with that great ranch tanginess, the Hot Wings is a cheese popcorn so it is a little heavier. The Hot Wings has that great mouthwatering Hot Wings taste, imagine eating wings without the mess. Spicy flavor without the heat.

Coconut Thai Curry – Sweet like coconut but spicy like a perfect Thai Curry. This ones makes that need you have for sweet and spicy very happy.

Jalapeno – One of my favorites. Crispy, light, and a little hot. Tastes just like a jalapeno. So good. The smell is intoxicating if you like a little heat. You mouth will water when you open the bag. If a little heat is your thing you will love Jalapeno Gourmet Popcorn as much as I do. If you like your heat with some sweet Jalapeno Kettle Corn would be the one for you.

Pepperpot– Peter Piper picked a peck of popped Pepperpot. If Peter Piper picked the Pepperpot that was not popped did Peter Piper really pick the right Pepperpot? I hope Peter likes it hot!

Wasabi– Flavorful heat. Most like this one creamy, but I like it crunchy.

Spicy Caramel– Special recipe Caramel with a kick. The good kind that gets you right in the back of the throat. Light, crispy, sweet and spicy. All my favorites. Perfect for game time, or just snack time. Spicy Caramel will be a Touchdown, Homerun, and GOAL in your play book.

Southwest Chipotle– Smokey, and Hot. All the aromas that make you feel like you’re out west. Light, crispy, and just the one to make the outlaw in all of us sweat just a little bit.

Power Cheese– Cheesy, spicy yumminess. Just enough heat to make you want to keep eating, but not enough heat that you could not share with the kids.

Red Hot Cinnamon– Tongue tingling red hot cinnamon. Crazy Hot, but crazy good.

Popcorn can be anything, it can be sweet, salty, spicy, or chocolatey. Sometimes you just want it Spicy and with 15 spicy Gourmet Popcorn flavors to choose from the decision might be a hard one, but if you pick any one of these you will be a happy snacker.