Make A Party Presentation Pop With Popcorn By The Bag

Want a great idea to get your next party poppin’? Kernel Encore popcorn portion bags and bulk containers are the way to go. With over 300 fabulous flavors of gourmet popcorn made-to-order for you, you’ll have the freshest favors around.

Everyone loves popcorn, but when we create our custom-flavored treats, we use the best kernels and then combine them with amazing flavors. You can pick popcorn bags or bulk containers for your next event that match the colors of your theme. We can even make them sparkle too, a perfect choice for using at kids’ birthday parties, weddings or even bridal or baby showers.

Gone are the days of simple popcorn choices. Kernel Encore has elevated the selection beyond ordinary into extraordinary, not just in color selection to create an eye-popping showcase for your party, but in flavor too. Just about anything you can dream up, we can pop up just for you.

Our daily flavors are the most popular, with choices you might expect like caramel or cheddar cheese. But with over 300 flavors to choose from, why not pick multiple packs that satisfy your cravings or to match your party theme? Hot Wings, Orange Creamsicle, Boston Cream Pie, and our ultimate party-please W.T.F (What’s That Flavor?!) are just a few of the tastes you can select.

Popcorn By The Bag From Kernel Encore

300 flavors of popcorn by the bag from Kernel Encore give you an amazing amount of options!

With so many choices though, it can be hard to make a decision. We recommend ordering different sizes to appease your guests. Our handy search allows you to customize your order by size, color, and flavors to pick the perfect gourmet popcorn for you.

You can order a bunch of different flavors and set up a popcorn station at your event for everyone to enjoy, or you can order matching small bags of popcorn, perfect for party favors that your guests can take home and enjoy. Want an even better idea? Do both! Then everyone can take home the wonderful tastes of Kernel Encore popcorn without trying to stuff their bags full of it at your popcorn bar.

And if you’re stuck for a gift for someone that is a true popcorn junkie, you can order one of our unique gourmet flavors for them as a gift, delivered straight to their door. This way, you won’t run the risk of eating half of it before you give it to them. Make sure you order your favorite flavor for yourself too!

What’s wrong? Can’t decide on a favorite? That’s our problem too. We love them all! But if you’re just discovering the heavenly selection at Kernel Encore, you can order our ¾-bag sizes to get a 1-serving taste of the flavors you’re curious about. For the ones you can’t live without, order them again in one of our big bulk sizes so you never run out!

With summer as the biggest time of year for parties of every kind, take the stress out of planning and pop up your party with Kernel Encore’s popcorn bags!