Do you have the Balls?

Popcorn Balls that is.

Popcorn Balls are cute, nostalgic, and can be made in any color and any flavor you can imagine. Having a beach theme party, use them as decoration on the table with large clam shells and you can make them look like pearls. If you have a kids theme party go for primary color and flavors like Cherry, Blueberry, Lemon, and Orange. If you are having a wedding reception put them in a tall vase in the center of the table and stack about 6 of them. You could do the Caramel Sparkle (gold glitter) for that glimmer that would look very romantic next to some candle light.

If you are having a candy bar at your party use a large glass container and fill with popcorn balls. Do white Old Fashioned Sugar Corn and everyone will be thanking you all night long.

Fun and nostalgic Perfect for a wedding or any family get together. Sometimes a stroll down memory lane is most definitely worth the price of the popcorn.


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