It’s that time of year again…. the store is full of Leprecons making their favorite popcorn, Leprecorn. With its sweet vanilla goodness, it is perfect for any occasion. If we can keep them distracted I might be able to find their gold. I will let you know if I do. Order yours now and enjoy a Little Luck of the Irish.


10 Must Have Gourmet Popcorn Flavors For Your Wedding




Wedding Cake – A must have for any Wedding Bar. Sweet, crispy and completely white. Not only beautiful, but tastes amazing too! Pair with Champagne & Strawberries and Milk Chocolate Drizzle for an elegant look.

Champagne Sparkle– Champagne Sparkle is Elegant in every way. It is sweet, light, and crispy. It has been featured in STAR Magazine. Serve in champagne flutes at your celebration and your guests will be speechless.

Hot Wings & Ranch – This is two types of popcorn mixed together. The orange is Hot Wings and the white is Ranch. The Ranch is light and crispy with that great ranch tanginess, the Hot Wings is a cheese popcorn so it is a little heavier. The Hot Wings has that great mouthwatering Hot Wings taste, imagine eating wings without the mess. Spicy flavor without the heat.

Jalapeno Kettle Corn– Our delicious Kettle Corn does not get much better until you add Jalapeno and then it gets Amazing. Sweet, hot, crispy and gone! Always a favorite, There is only one right way to get that crispy sugar shell on Kettle Corn and we do it the right way, and with a Jalapeno kicker, it is crazy good.

White Cheddar– Our White Cheddar popcorn is so creamy and rich you will find it mixes well with just about anything. This is air popped popcorn and it is dipped in the most wonderful creamy white cheddar on the planet. At any celebration it is always good to have salty selections, because sometimes we just get sweeted out. White Cheddar is the answer to that.

Baby White Salted– Every party has those guests that think Popcorn only comes one way, so for those special guest this is the one for them. Tiny, crispy, white, light, and fluffy salted popcorn. Perfectly Popped Goodness in every bite.

Original Kettle Corn–   Our Original Kettle Corn is cooked in a big outdoor kettle, we have found that it is the only way to get that authentic popcorn taste. We use perfectly round popcorn kernels that are about the size of a nickel or larger. It has a light sugar glaze all over and then it is kissed with salt, making a truly perfect treat. It is sweet, crispy, salty and buttery.

Peppermint Sparkle– I like to end my dinner with a perfect peppermint treat. This White Chocolate dipped popcorn kissed with delicate peppermint and edible glitter is the perfect way to say good night to a magical evening. Beautiful to look at and impossible to resist.

Caramel Sparkle– Add that Sparkle to your event with this beautiful, perfectly popped perfection in one little bite. This is our own special recipe Caramel with a little Bling. Everyone likes to see you dressed up for the party and that is just what Caramel has done. This one will keep your guests talking about it for a while.

Milk Chocolate Drizzle – We start with Butter & Salt popcorn and then take the most incredible, silky Milk Chocolate and drizzle it on top of the Butter & Salt popcorn. We do this by hand to make sure it is perfect in every way. Every Kernel is drizzled with Milk Chocolate giving this popcorn its beauty and deliciousness. To complement add Dark Chocolate Drizzle and White Chocolate Drizzle. That is a threesome that everyone will want to be apart of.

Planning a Wedding can be the exciting and over whelming at the same time. Kernel Encore makes your celebrations a snap to plan with their Gourmet Popcorn Bars that serve 80 to 120 guests. When picking flavors, mix it up. Make sure to add sweet with salty, and the more colorful the better. Elegant affairs can have popcorn too. Order the Sparkle flavors and the guests will be blown away. Birthdays, school parties, retirement parties, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, we can make any celebration POP!

You Hop and We will Pop


Confetti Popcorn is perfect for this time of year. Instead of filling those Easter Baskets with candy use popcorn.

It is all Air-Popped and healthier than all the other choices out there. Perfect flavor picks are Marshmallow, Marshmallow Crisp, Coconut, Milk Chocolate Drizzle, White Cheddar, and Caramel.

What a perfect way to fill those baskets. I am not saying to avoid the occasional PEEP, that would just be crazy talk. Order you special additions for the baskets and start Hoppin, we will do the Poppin.

Attention Wedding Planners


VA photo

What a perfect way to say Thank You to your clients. Or what a great way to get a new client. Including Wedding Cake popcorn or Champagne and Strawberry Sparkle is a great way to be remembered or win over a new customer.

Introducing yourself to a prospective new client is a great way to stand above the rest. When it comes to planning a wedding some clients need more than a business card to remember you when shopping for such important position in their perfect day.

So make your presence POP  with Kernel Encore.

May you have all the Luck that Life can hold, and at the end of your Rainbows may you find a Pot of Gold.


This addition to your party will make all your guests want to be Leprechauns for the evening while trying to protect their own Pot of Gold. Beautiful to look at and even more fun to eat.

I like to send little bags of it to school with my son with a Good Luck Clover on it wishing all the children in his class, good luck for the rest of the school year. I always seed a little bigger bag for the teacher and wish her the same good luck, she probably needs it more with all the children she teaches in a day, LOL

Caramel Sparkle is perfect for any occasion, find your reason to put a little Sparkle in your day!




Sweet Treats for Trick or Treat


Its that time of year again. Ghosts, and Goblins, and Creatures of every size will be looking for treats. Fall parties and Harvest festivals are great times to get together and a Perfect time for America’s favorite treat – Kernel Encore’s Gourmet Popcorn.

Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Swirl, Caramel. Maple. Cheddar, Creepy Corn, Caramel Apple, Garlic and Butterscotch just to name a few.

Get a Fall, or Spooky tablecloth and place apothecary jars on your table and fill with popcorn. Place serving cones in two containers on either side of the popcorn. Don’t forget the scoops. Place a sign with that says …..

Please fill these up with treats Galore, but don’t be shy come back for more.

Happy Haunting, and don’t get caught without Treats for those goblins, I hear the Trick could be scary!


Lets Get Dipped!


Grab your friends and some Kernel Encore Gourmet Popcorn Balls and get Dippin. With so many flavors to choose from you can’t go wrong.

Nothing is better than Popcorn and Chocolate, they go together like Peas and Carrots, Bees and Honey, Left and Right. Chocolate fountains with Milk, Dark and White Chocolate would be the perfect pairing for Kernel Encore Gourmet Caramel Balls. Place a stick in each one, place on the table and let the fun begin. You might be a one time dipper, or a three time dipper. It does not matter. Dip until your sweet meter is full and the Chocolate stops flowing!


Beach Party!

Here is a great idea for a Beach theme party.

Lisa made Buckets with her favorite, Caramel Popcorn, and beverage. These were handed out as party favors. Cute idea and a great way to thank your guests for coming to your party.

For a table display you could use white popcorn balls and sea shells wrapped in a fishing net. Flavors to compliment this theme would be Salt Water Taffy, Sea Salt Caramel, Sea Salt, Key Lime Pie, or Old Fashioned Sugar Corn.

Using Kernel Encore Gourmet Popcorn can really put the POP in you Party!



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