I said Thank You Mom……

Your mother always told you to thank people for coming to your Party and now you will have an unforgettable and unique way to do just that.

Put the Pop into your party by giving out a little Party Gift. Birthday Parties or just a girls night out with flavors like Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada, there is something for everyone’s taste. Guys watching the game might like Beer, Hot Wings, and Jalapeno. There is no end to the combinations you can make.

For a wedding, dress them up and have them on the table as your guests leave. Use your wedding colors to wrap the cup or simply use white. It looks classic, timeless and elegant.

There are so many uses for these little gifts, I am sure you can find a few.



Which do you want more? The Chocolate or the Popcorn?

Just like the age old question of which came first the chicken or the egg, I wonder do people want the Chocolate or the Popcorn more? There are several Chocolate shops and they make chocolate of all shapes and sizes. We make popcorn of all flavors, but we both make Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn.

You need an outstanding popcorn as the canvas for your chocolate, but the problem is the Chocolate companies use less than standard popcorn to place their “one of a kind, uniquely blended specialty chocolate” on. So in other words a beautiful dress is placed on an ugly woman. Why waste the dress? Just find a better looking woman, right?

So in conclusion don’t buy chocolate drizzled popcorn from a chocolate shop if you want the dress and the woman to be beautiful. I like my popcorn crunchy and my chocolate smooth and creamy. If you are buying Chocolate Popcorn, buy it from Kernel Encore, we use the best Popcorn and the best Chocolate for the popcorn so we can firmly state that we ARE the foremost authority on which you want more, the chocolate AND the POPCORN!


Do you have the Balls?

Popcorn Balls that is.

Popcorn Balls are cute, nostalgic, and can be made in any color and any flavor you can imagine. Having a beach theme party, use them as decoration on the table with large clam shells and you can make them look like pearls. If you have a kids theme party go for primary color and flavors like Cherry, Blueberry, Lemon, and Orange. If you are having a wedding reception put them in a tall vase in the center of the table and stack about 6 of them. You could do the Caramel Sparkle (gold glitter) for that glimmer that would look very romantic next to some candle light.

If you are having a candy bar at your party use a large glass container and fill with popcorn balls. Do white Old Fashioned Sugar Corn and everyone will be thanking you all night long.

Fun and nostalgic Perfect for a wedding or any family get together. Sometimes a stroll down memory lane is most definitely worth the price of the popcorn.



Popcorn vs The Chocolate Pig

Curious right?

Kernel Encore makes 300 different flavors of Gourmet Popcorn and we create more all the time. We can make popcorn taste like S’mores, Hickory Smoked Chicken, Hot Wings, Caramel, Lemon, Key Lime Pie, and B.L.T just to name a few. But chocolate is still chocolate. You can make it look like a swan, or melt it for a fountain, or make it look like the afore mentioned pig but it still tastes like chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then chocolate is Great, but pair it with Gourmet Popcorn and then you really have something. Perfect for snacking when you want that chocolate and salt combo. You know we have all done that, after all why do you think they sell M & M’s at the movie theater. BTW the biggest seller at the movie theater is the POPCORN, not the chocolate. So if it’s chocolate you are craving , get some that is already paired with that salty crunchy favorite you LOVE.

Milk Chocolate Drizzle is that elegant must have for any wedding or party. Beautiful in a glass bowl as the center piece on the table. Place it in a tall vase on every table at the reception for a “little get to know you table mates and thanks for coming, by the way we will have dinner in a little while” kind of snack.




W.T.F?! What’s That Flavor?!

Choose any of Kernel Encore’s Gourmet Popcorn Samplers and have a “Guess That Flavor” Party. Choose traditional flavors like Caramel and Cheddar, then get a little funky with flavors like Dill Pickle, and Key Lime Pie. Mager Rager is the hottest flavor we make, so choose who tries that one carefully, maybe a ex boyfriend/girlfriend might like it. We have samplers with 8 flavors all the way to 48. Just remember to take the flavor tags away so there is no cheating. LOL



Why the Kernel makes the Difference.

You might think popcorn is just popcorn, but you would be wrong. Here at Kernel Encore we understand that popcorn can be an art form. Delicious to eat and Beautiful to look at. It may be a wedding, birthday party, graduation or just for snacking, and every time Kernel Encore out shines the rest.

There are a lot of popcorn stores on the web, and I am sure it is hard to make a decision when everybody says the same thing, but I can say consistently the information you read on their sights and the flavor titles they use and sometimes the pictures they use come from Kernel Encore. It is flattering to be copied, but as any woman will tell you, we never want to see any one else in our dress.

Kernel Encore has been put up in taste test, after taste test with just about every popcorn company, and we are proud to say we win every time. Why?

We use chefs, with degrees to create our flavors. We give them the freedom to create and experiment to come up with that one of a kind flavor. We use exotic spices and extracts to make our popcorn amazing, some all the way from China. We also use different types of specialty corn. We are not cheap, but we are that good. So in conclusion try Kernel Encore and you will never look for a different popcorn company.

See for yourself why…

The Best Popcorn Starts With the Kernel!



It is that time of year…

Dresses are being purchased and churches and halls are being reserved.

When thinking about your event, keep in mind if your event will be elegant, or casual. How will your guests be dressed and what kind of food will you be serving. What kind of setting will you have, rustic or classy. Will your event be at night or in the afternoon? Will it be indoors or outdoors or a combination?

All of this should play into the flavor decisions you make.

Elegant, candle light, indoors would lead you to choose Champagne Sparkle, White Cheddar, Original Kettle Corn, or French Vanilla.

Outdoor, late afternoon, rustic might be Caramel, Cheddar Cheese, Toffee or Barbecue Kettle Corn.

The time of the year and seasons also play into the selections you might make. July event might be Apple Pie, Firecracker, or Peach Cobbler. An October event might have Caramel, Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla Cream (in fall colors) or Butter Nut Crunch.

Call 1-888-767-7678 to speak with Victoria about any flavor or event questions you might have, or email her at Victoria@KernelEncore.com. She would be happy to help you anytime.


Popcorn – Something for everyone.

Kernel Encore makes over 300 Gourmet Flavors of Popcorn, more than anyone and better than all the rest. We pride ourselves on having flavors that are created by chefs and are handmade. Most other popcorn companies make their popcorn how the manufacturer of the equipment tells them too and uses their recipes. Not Kernel Encore. We want to give you the best and take the time to create flavors that we love and know you will too. That is why not just other popcorn companies, but big potato chip makers like L**s and others have the same name on their chips as we have on our Gourmet Popcorn. Don’t be fooled. We have been around for about 15 years, so ask yourself what came first the kernel or the flavor? Try Kernel Encore, there is no substitution for the best. Other popcorn places can sell it cheaper, because they do not use the high quality of ingredients that we do.

If you are planning a wedding or a party, use the best! We all want everyone to leave your event saying, wow that bride was beautiful and the popcorn was AMAZING or great event, spectacular party, and AMZAZING popcorn. We want you to be the star of the show but even the stars need co-stars.

We invented and perfected the Sparkle Popcorn.

When Donald Trump wants popcorn he calls Kernel Encore and you should too.

Go ahead and check us out…


or call, we are expecting you, and find out for yourself why…

The Best Popcorn Starts With the Kernel.